When was the last time...........

I asked someone that question today and he looked at me like I had just sprouted a second head. 'When was the last time you wrote or received a letter?', he paused and said 'd'you know I cannot actually remember'. While on the train, I started thinking about how we don't write anymore. I had a pen pal once, I remember how I'd check the post every friday, barely able to contain my excitement because I knew a letter would be coming for me! So I was inspired to write this poem real quick, here it goes;

I want you to write to me,

Paper, pen or pencil

No eraser

Write me

Crossed out intentions

Rewritten to hide the fact you care more than you should

I was thinking, no wondering, maybe we could......’..

Tell me mundane things about your day, how your boss hates you

All 6’4 inches

Ask me how or if I think of you

I don’t normally do this, I mean this is not my thing'

I’ll secretly cherish how much your hand gives away’

My urban Casanova

'I really wanted to make you do that thing again

Your head thrown back, my toes curled because

I know i did it.'

On these pages, you’ll hold my hand

All caution thrown to the wind

You’ll disregard stares and engage in P.D.A

Bahia does seem too far in between these lines

Here you’ll wander outside margin with little thought

No secret between us, you, me and this sheet of A4

Do write me,

Dare me to tell you how I really feel

Remind me how much I say to you

When I think you are too distracted

To remember

My feet might be drained but my head always

Retains enough blood’

Tell me you’re not sure about so much

But you’re willing to go with my flow

if that is what you want a day at a time

Is fine I suppose.

It's been a while and I am rather rusty but hey, my muse has not deserted, I am grateful for that.


JustDB said...

Real quivk? Not bad at all I say!

BSNC said...

lol yea its ookay..

blogoratti said...

Well since it was 'real quick', we'll overlook the rustiness,hehe.
Nah, it was okay!

L-VII said...

Lol, y'all are so encouraging (!)

Anonymous said...

Good old letters.....
they really used to be fun.
9ice post.

Muse said...

good one. no, scratch that, great!

darkelcee said...

Waoh, the last time for me was 1997. and i kept the letter all the way.

maybe we can go back to those days.

Jaycee said...

I love this! Had a pen-pal once, he was from Ghana...lol. It was fun.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

It's so funny in this day and age of facebook, emails, blackberries, IMing, etc....handwritten letters are becoming archaic.
I have a prison pen pal though...so I still write letters from time to time.
Thanks for this post!
Reminded me of the day of good ole letters!
Loving your blog btw...
Will be back...

L-VII said...

Whoa, a prison pen pal? That is wonderful. I want a nigerian pen pal but I am a little nervous about that. (I have not really started looking but I will be soon.)

Thanks all for stopping by to read my ramblings.


Nice one.

wow, now, I am wondering when was the alst time I wrote someone....

Anonymous said...

loved the poem...sad that I never got to experience the letter writing thing...the closest I got to that was reading my eldest brother's numerous letters to his girlfriends

on a side note tho...I wonder why errtym I see ur blogger handle L-VII I think of Louis Vuitton?

Ms. SpicyTee said...

Thats the good old days..
Now internet,gsm telephone has taken over that era.
Why would I bother writing a letter to go and post that will take almost a month to get their when I could just send mail and it will be delivered in a jiffy..
I still share correspondence with my childhood friendthough but is because she is not an internet person.

L-VII said...

@Chari, I am exclusive like that, lol. It's my initial and birthday.

@Ms.SpicyTee, emails just don't compare to seeing the envelope, opening it slowing and reading a letter, it's the best feeling.

Buttercup said...

lol..now im remembering my high school days..

that was nicely written..i like!