I was in bed, reading some news when my muse hit me... I had to get the words of out my mind (if you write, you'll know what I mean) I hit record and the below is what came out, I refined it some but it remains largely as I thought it. I left in my little errors, I thought I captured it the way I wanted to and I did not want to re-record it. I laid it over 'Flamenco Sketches' by Miles Davis
I have transcribed it, so read and/or listen, whichever pleases you most, I'd be happy for you to.

Be good.

P.s. thanks to Sugabelly, I found a nice and easy audio thingy...


it happens in deserted streets,
in half naked boys opening bottles of that Irish black with jagged teeth
where beauty was quite within their reach but always out of their grasp
they make love in the back of abandoned cars
barely there back seats
coiled springs penetrate exposed flesh
bringing them closer to that white light
they don't dare sleep
this is where hope fears to tread
where those with hungry stomachs that barely feed
know that the living and the dead will eventually meet
this is pleasure unspoken

we had never known anything like this
ignoring the rustiness of our confines,
I want him
the jangling sounds of the loosening belt buckle
his sweaty skin on mine this right here is the proof
I am not above you
yes I reek of perfume and you're bathed in scents that the streets give you
I have no strength to run from this, nor do I want to

You know the danger reeled me in, I saw what most ignore
those eyes searching for a place within me that you can rest easy
and I am not talking of the juncture within my thighs
you were looking for a joy and I was brave enough to give
you took only that which was offered, you never reached for more
at first I was displeased, thinking you did not want me,
but I was mistaken
you were waiting to be led down back alleys, and open doors that I have no keys for

and I was surprised at the strength within myself
here I was, trying to rescue a nomad who willing embraced death
look, you'll wander no more, I'll guided to many oases
we'll face death and survive
he'll visit while we engage in this dance, a waltz, no salsa
our bodies moving on the two and four
you won't let me fall will you?

I am a stranger to these parts, I know nothing of your pain, you know I don't!
but still you hold me, this is a moment that you could never have dreamed
and I dare not remember it
it was just one of those of those nights
me, a stranger on streets that won't welcome me because I do not belong
and you a nomad lost, looking to be rescued
and some how we found each other,
we did.


Ruby slept not.

Hello all. As the weeks go by, I realise just how little time I seem to get to myself. Anyways, as promised...

The VII(th) was wonderful, one of the best times I have had in a while and it was important for that to be the case, as documented, I had been feeling pretty low but the guys came through for me.

The above is me and two of my favourite women in the world, yours truly is in the middle and R23 on the left, E.Q., my co-d on the right. I chose the picture because it just sums up how happy I was. The boys were great and I felt like a princess. (my sis will kill me, so I gotta take down the pic soon) The soiree was at Ruby&Sequoia, very cool spot, if a little pretentious. I thought I'd hob nob it with the habitués of exclusive watering holes...

Oh, another totally random thing, I need to join the gym again, I could not get into my favourite pair of shorts today, not good. I am not a freak about my weight but this cannot be going down, summer is here and this is when looking one's best is mandatory.

I have been trawling the blogosphere and I came across a new favourite, this sister is beyond amazing, I am totally inspired by her. She has quickly become one of my most frequent stops in the virtual world. Sugarbelly is the name, check out her site, it is unreal.

I am going to Paris, a belated birthday present from E.Q. Let me tell you all, I am very excited but I feel Paris is somewhat cliché, but I intend to have a boat load of fun.

I have had no sleep since Thursday night, I hung out with Johnny after work yesterday, drinking copious amounts of rose, I woke up with a well deserved headache and I am still nursing it now. Drinking is really not that good.... I am off to make some coffee and I will try to catch up on some badly needed shut eye, I know caffeine is mean to have the opposite effect, but it soothes me and sleep comes easily when I am soothed...

Be well all.

My birthday today.... the VII(th)

I had a ball last night and the body is still recovering. I will add to this later... I hope you all enjoy your birthdays.....