8 and things.

So, I was tagged to do this 8 things meme by BSNC and Vic. No better time than now, so here it goes;

8 Things I look forward to

1. Starting my new job

2. Going to Valencia

3. My sister's 21st

4. Inglorious Basterds

5. Reading Toni Morrison's 'A Mercy'

6. Listening to Maxwell's new joint

7. Manchester United v. Arsenal

8. Falling in mad lust, again

8 Things I did yesterday.

1. Watched Man Utd v. Arsenal

2. Spent some time with my mother

3. Worked on my script

4. Read mad news on the 'net

6. Cooked with R23

7. Did some homework with little Brother

8. Hand washed some shirts

8 Things I wish to do.

1. Direct a Nollywood film

2. Open a shelter for women and girls in Lagos

3. Live in a beach house in Lagos

4. Doing Jury duty

5. Sleep with someone who can draw me outta my inhibitions

6. Own a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting

7. Get a star filled in my tatt

8. Go to Bahia and Havana

8 Shows I watch

1. The Wire

2. Damages

3. Mad Men

4. Big Love

5. Meet the Faith

6. Newsnight

7. ER

8. The Game

Right now, I am listening to Anthony Hamilton's latest, it is fire! I am down with this voice exchange thing, so let's get it on and popping.


Nice Anon said...

Yes on Man U and Arsenal.

BSNC said...

you write scripts.. nice

you wish to do jury duty. er.. ok

Gochi said...

wish i could do your number 5 too "Sleep with someone who can draw me outta my inhibitions"

I can't wait to the see result of the second leg. RED DEVILS :p

Dante said...

red devils ke?
Sleep with someone who can draw me outta my inhibitions...ok.

Tairebabs said...

sleep with someone who can draw you out...wow that's really nice. I would to be able to open a shelter as well. Its' something I aspire to do in the nearest future by God's grace.

Buttercup said...

Please tell me u r a red devil too? :D

Enjoyed reading this..

L-VII said...

@Buttercup, I am a red devil.

RocNaija said...

They have beach houses in lasgidi?? As in bar beach in VI?

Lol.. Didn't think so..

Intruiging read.. I'm so with you on that Havana trip..

JoanPeck said...

Jury duty?????
Eeew, that gives me the creeps!!! :)

seye said...

first, the R24, l-vii names make me think of you as, ...'military'. The word 'script' turns me on....only our definition of scripts are different. MINE...CODES!
I watched Inkheart for the first time today, and thought of you....BOOOKS!

L-VII said...

@roc, they do have beach house in Lagos.

@Joan, I really wanna do it, just to sit there and be all important, lol.

@Seye, it's R23, lol. Hey, I am glad you thought of me.


Original Mgbeke said...

I don't watch much TV but I watched the wire religiously and was so sad when it ended. Really GOOD show!

CultureCynic said...

Ok please dont tell anybody...i "secretly" want to be in NIgerian MOvie.....dont ask me why!!!LOL...ok now it's not even a secret anymore....but i see u wanna direct one, can i star in it or do costume design....LOL. u would totally hire me right??? i can't really act but i can spaz off really well...LOL. good luck on the script

AnyaPosh said...

I love Madmen too. Isn't it like the best show of all time??! I like it a lot. Can't wait for season 3. There's so much drama...especially in Don's family & at the agency (as usual). I'm glad I found another madmen lover. this is too awesome :P