The New & Old

I can’t even bring myself to open with the usual, ‘it’s been a minute’! It has been a long time and then some. I’ve thought about blogging, I think about it a lot. Finding the time had proven to be really rather difficult these days but I’m motivated right now, I’ve got a strong need to write so, here it goes.

Those who are familiar with the blog know some things about me. i.e likes, dislikes, passions etcetera… So, where do I start? I’m still a banker of sorts, since the last time I wrote, I started a project with my boy Mac, we’re pretty serious about this one. Fingers crossed, I can say more about it soon. I don’t wanna jinx it. Yeah, it’s a silly fear but I’m holding on to it. . I bought an iPad, that’s a big leap from me. I’ve gone from being irritated by the ubiquity of Apple products to being a user, though I’m not quite a fanboy like Mac but I coming round. I also bought a camera, and in my personal time honoured tradition, dude is called ‘G. Parks’.

I took a trip to Naija in November, it helped me square my circle. By this I mean, I realised that I’m too open, too welcoming and a lotta folks will take advantage of that! So, what does yours truly do? Well, far be it for me to change, I’m tryna apply some wisdom to the situation, I truly believe in forgiving all the ungrateful muhfuckas, I just don’t have to let them back in my cipher, right? Anyway, the highlight of my trip, I got to hang out with a friend that has quickly become my favourite. Err, let’s call her Yellow, very cool level headed chic, I dig her a lot, Lagos was a let down this time around, but for her and a couple of folk, the trip would have been a total dud, so I’m, pretty grateful.

I’m planning another trip to Lagos and Abuja soon, if anyone knows any cool joints, please hit me up. I should do some more ‘high brow’ things when I’m home. All I get into is drinking and clubbing, I can do that anywhere! The signs are good though, I’ve got G.Parks, I’ll be well armed next time and I promise to document my trip.

So, I was talking a friend of mine the other day, this is a casual friend at work, an older dude, one who has this rather ethereal way about him, I tend to give a lotta weight to what dude says. He gives off this air of having seen and done a lot, yeah, I dunno if I mentioned that Tv and I are giving our little situation another whirl! I may blog on that at another time. Dude did some mad psychoanalysis on me, I’m buzzing right now. Not in a good or bad way, it’s sorta like being made aware of the some exposed nerve(s). I don’t know if that makes any sense.

My tastes in music remain the same, I still dig my Saffa house music. As I typed this joint out, I had this song in my head ‘Those who wait’ by Daley, dude is a British cat who’s real heavy into his soul thing. He put out a free mixtape not long ago, quality stuff, I’d recommend a download. Oh, back to the Saffa House music, I’ve been playing the hell outta this joint, I’m guessing it’s old, but it’s new to me,  , ‘Lento’ by Professor, this is my song!

This felt good, almost like I did take the unduly long break.