Crossing lines, almost

So, I had an interesting weekend, it could have been better but... I did reach one interesting conclusion about myself though! I am not a great drinker. In my mind, I like to think that I can knock back shots, whilst swigging beers and downing mojitos, this is not true. I got drunk, like stupidly drunk. The kinda drunkenness that separates the body from the mind, I willed my body to do one thing and it completely ignored me! I had to force myself to throw up, just so I could walk.

Back to the essence of the weekend, I made some friends on FB and they're in London for a while, so yours truly took it upon herself to be a kinda tour guide. Might I add that I am a quite boring, I do not do the whole clubbing thing so I was a little nervous about how I was going to show my two friends a good time. I roped in some other friends and we headed out to town. We got to one spot, the music sucked!

Seriously, I am not much of a dancer but I move some and in order for that to happen, I need to at least hear some good shit but that was not to be. The DJ did shout out my friend whose birthday it was and she played ONE good song, this is after I begged her of course. After the time at the bar, we went to a cafe and this is where things sorta went south!

Now, I am afflicted with a perennial big mouth. Sometimes, I indulge myself by saying exactly what I mean to say, how I mean to say it, with little or no thought to how it'll affect people around me. If you've been keeping up with my blog, you'd know that one of the things I detest most is this precise aspect in some people. I basically said all kinds of things that should have earned me a slap (according to my very good friend) but did not. I managed to piss off two of my friends, one has gotten over it, she loves me too much not to (cue serious eye rolling sessions) the other, err, I am not so sure. She says it's 'ba wahala' but I do not know the chick well enough to take her word for it.

Anyway sha, I spent Saturday and Sunday feeling pretty bad, I am talker, hell. I could talk for Lagos Island but I reckon I went a little far. In order for what I am going on about to make perfect sense, I would have to write about some things which I cannot because they are not solely mine to tell. This is the horrible part if writing, where one has to remember to defer to other people's feeling when keeping such a public diary. Oh, another thing I did discover though is that free fucking, as I so crudely want to put it, always has repercussions! Yes, there goes my string free theory. By this I do not mean one person falling in love, if there is a chance of this happening, I am yet to be affected by it, a fact that I am very grateful for. But I mean, the next person I decide to engage with sexually, has to be someone that I would not be around but for sexing, does that make sense?

This blog of mine has turned into a running commentary on my sex life. I want this to be the last post on it for a while, unless I have some mind blowing, heart stopping sex! :-) This one person that I got down with last, is pretty cool, someone I could chill with even if were just hanging out, I am mildly surprised by the force of the physical attraction I felt, to be honest, sex can be pretty perfunctory for me, it's like, you want it, I want it, let's do the damn thing, lol. But there I was, studying crevices and grooves, remembering smiles and 360 type transformations, I was knocked off my stride some, so much so that I woulda pulled myself to the side and asked myself some questions if I could have. I am the kinda lover that enjoys being touched as well as touching, I am very responsive and I enjoy responses, I figured that as a woman, I gotta make sure that I am not a pillow princess, waiting to be touched with hands by her side, that is not a good look! I also enjoy being in control, as a matter of fact, I pride myself on that. So in this instance, that was not the case, I turned into a kitten, unusually submissive and hungry to touched, even thinking about it now makes me cringe... Hmmn, what I gotta figure out though is why! I have not had much time to process it, my mind has been too busy these days but when I do give it proper thought, I will share.

So, I gotta draw a line under my latest adventure, why? You may ask, well, my guard slipped a little, not by much and we are certainly not talking about a romantic kinda deal here but by enough to make me think, errr, enough of this now! That's sorta makes me a coward huh? Yes, I will not deny, I am not one for putting more than my body in the hands of someone I have nothing more than biblical relations with, Lol. Okay it is undeniable, I am a wimp! I think we'll just hang out and watch basketball together or something. I am typing this on my lunch break, such is my boredom. The new job is going well, it'll allow me to move out in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed. I went to Madame Tussauds, this is not something I would have done ordinarily but it was a friend's birthday and I was invited so, off I went. I would like to say now that I do not think it is a worthwhile way to spend one's hard earned money, seeing a bunch of wax celebrities doing nothing, it is just not my cup of tea. Any how, the picture above is Yours Truly and The Greatest, I dig him, yay!

I gotta jet now, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Oh! Has anyone heard some good music or seen a really good film they'd like to recommend? I have not had much time to discover new things these day. Peace!

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Job, like this.

It has been over a month!! May I confess that I suffer from chronic procrastination, I have been meaning to do this for a while....

So, since I wrote last. I got a job, in fact, at this very moment, I have two! I work at a Broker's at the moment, doing my Compliance/KYC thing, I love it there. It's very laid back, jeans and T-shirt kinda place. The pay is good and I am pretty much left to my own devices. Then, I had an interview at HSBC! I did not think I was going to get the job, the lady who conducted the interview was not nice at all! Anyhow, to cut the long story short, they offered me the job, it pays very well and it's a mid term contract. I was really conflicted about taking it. I dig loyalty and I felt really bad for a couple of days. It then dawned on my that I gotta do what's best for me. So yours truly is stacking them chip, you know? I am tryna go home!

That's the job front. On a more interesting note.... I took a hiatus from all forms of sexual activity, even masturbation! It was not as hard as I thought it'd be. Funnily though, I had more opportunities to get laid whilst that was going on, more than I would ordinarily.

My little ONS guy and I do not talk anymore, dude is as stubborn as he is honest. I am slightly disappointed that he is being that way but you know, how does the saying go, 'one cannot have the cake and eat it'. I wanted to keep it sexual, he came around to that and he was unwilling to bend. I admire that but still... What happened.. Well....

After our one (and only encounter) we talked for a while and we arranged another one. My grandmother died, so the last thing on my mind was sex. He called and I told him but he did not believe me, I guess he thought I'd make that up, just to get outta having sex with him, lol. What's the English for 'No thanks again?' Anways, I suggested we meet up in central London, since I still wanted to see him, I suggested we just talk and hang out. He then threw my earlier line in my face 'I have friends babe, we don't need to hang out' I must admit I was rather tickled when he said that... But dude said, there was no way he could come to central London, he just could not be bothered but that I must come over to his house.... Now, let me just state for the record, I could fly to Paris in the same time it takes me to get to his house. The whole episode was quite silly really and it is a shame in some ways, I was beginning to like him. That was the last day we spoke but we are still friends on FB.

Now, I have sorta decided to be a good a girl from now on. I know I can fuck, if that is what I want, but somehow, the novelty has worn off.... From Saccharine Royalty to now, I have done a bunch of things I cannot write about, I took a break to put some things in perspective and now, sex is great, bloody hell it is but it is not the be all... Right. :-)

As part of my support Naija effort, I bought 'The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives' I am yet to read it... But yeah, support your own folks...

That's all, this is all over the place, as is customary now. I try to cover as many things as possible..

The soundtrack to this; 'Princesses Nubiennes' by Les Nubians, I told you all how I feel about this album.

Stay well.