Random 10s x2

Things I do.

1. I really like blueberry muffins, cut into four, as a broke student, I ate this, only, for days on end.

2. I love being kissed by someone who know how ( I am a great kisser, yes I was told and I believe it...lol, the best kiss I have had so far was from....)

3. Shoes are a nascent passion of mine but as they say, pepper no rest and papa no be senator, so the passion remains theoretical.

4. I love languages, the different lilts, tones. My favourite language, (after my own) is Spanish.

5. I love books, my room is a mini library.

6. I watch foreign films without reading the subtitles first, then I watch again and I read them.

7. I am a sucker for dimples, I prefer one to two.

8. I love wearing matching underwear (as a matter of fact, I try to match always)

9. I have a young crush on a blogger.

10. I enjoy men who possess easy masculinity, not overt, just a quiet manliness, it is, after jazz, an aphrodisiac.

Things I do not.

1. I do not like sweet things, as a child, I would swap my sweets for ákárá or any other savouries.

2. I hate people who think because I am smart, I must be sexually repressed, the two things are in no way related.

3. I hate it when people say what exactly what they think, as it comes to them. Only children should speak their mind with little thought or concern for people's feelings. I appreciate honesty, Lord knows I make it my business to be honest when asked but people confuse being tactless (at best, and being damn cruel at worst) with being 'upfront'.

4. I hate plaintain, shock horror, this caused many hungry afternoons. I do not only hate plaintain, I hate anything it touches, my mother insisted on putting the fried plaintain on my rice, so, everything became inedible to me.

5. I hate cheats. Any kinda cheating but especially in a relationship, do you ever watch a film where X is with Y but really wants to be with Z? And X proceeds to cheat with Z and breaks Y's heart and the audience is supposed to be happy because X and Z got together and found love? Well not me! I always feel bad for the person whose heart got broken. Anyways, Hollywood sucks.

6. I have an immense dislike for organised religion, I belive in God but religion irks me.

7. I hate being tongue kissed, makes me want to throw up, I really believe a kiss does not have to involve sticking a whole tongue into someone's mouth(the tongue can be used for a myriad of things, just not in my mouth)

8. I really hate that Nollywood script writers write dialogue that require several trips to the bloody dictionary. I challenge anyone to find a Nollywood film in which the word 'insinuate(ing)' is not used.

9. I am not happy that my voice is about one octave deeper than it ought to be. I have made my sisters suffer hours trying to assure me that I sound essentially feminine, I am still not sure I believe them.

10. I hate that so many Nigerians are conservative about so many things, especially where women are concerned!

Lol, it's sunday night and I am bored.....


BSNC said...

i feel you on your #5 and 10 do not. interesting info

Chili Pepa said...

I really agree with you on several of the things you saaid especially about the plantain (surprise, surprise). I used to hate plantain a few years back. Not to the extent of not seeing it on my plate but I could live very well without it. Now that I am older, working on my diet and expanding my palate options, it is just another option.
Thanks for dropping by my blog

seye said...

gosh so many things we have in common

Things You do:
Let me mark that

1,lets leave 2 for now,3,4(if it were computer programming languages),5,7(i have one deep dimple),

things you do not:



MissLove said...

OMG...U r a case! not entirely in a bad way :) I like....Once a friend of mine said to me, that people don't like honesty...and since that day I have taken that advice...seriously your view up there reaffirms such an argument to a certtain degree...being 'upfront' being 'honest' similar? no? I love the masculinity word!!!

L-VII said...

Thanks for stopping by all.

@Seye, do you really wanna do this?

@MissLove, don't misunderstand me sugar, I think honesty is a a key ingredient to all things, i do. Being cruel on the other hand is not. I try to make sure my words don't cause people hurt, if I can help it, and if I can't, I can't.

Tinu said...

first time here!
hmmb bbz u hate palntain!!if they could pay me based on my love for plantain pepper would so rest!!!nice blog!!u have a new fan me!

Buttercup said...

im still tryna recover from the shock of u hating plantain..like, OMG! lol..please excuse the theatrics, thats like my best food!!!

i also think 2 dimples r too much..

r u by any chance gonna tell us who this crush is??

L-VII said...

@Tinu, I aam glad, since I like blog too, I guess we have a mutual appreciation society of sorts.. lol

@Buttercup, what would be the fun in that, he does not really post any more but goodness, I fell in elove reading the things he wrote and the way he wrote what he wrote, hmmn.

RocNaija said...

Really interesting list here..
Didn't get the preference for one dimple to two though..

Is that like a dimple under the chin type compared to dimples on bothe cheeks?

L-VII said...

@Roc, no... a dimple on one cheek. I think it's really sexy.

ablackjamesbond said...

So there is something sexy having just one dimple. Interesting.

Femi B said...

ass dimple or face dimple??? you did not specify..LMAO thanks for stopping by

L-VII said...

@Femi Lol, which one do you have?

Ovay West said...

#6 of things I do- hilarity!! who does this?
about the nollywood bit- in yoruba movies they always write (subtitles) unfortunate fellow for oloriburuku. wtf??
I have 1 dimple :D

Original Mgbeke said...

This was an interestinf read. LOL, how can you hate plantain? Yummmmy.
And yup, folk who just spew shit out of their asses in the name of 'keeping it real' get on my darn nerves.