A Teaser...

Hey lovely folks. I'm here, still blogging. The silence will be explained in a few days. I made an audio blog, listen below (if you have six minute to listen to my ramblings). It's a little teaser into something I may go into more details about, depending on how my muse and emotions get along.

Who else has been checking out the art work on Swiss Beats's site. It's currr-ray-zee! I love artistic people, so I'm harboring a huge crush on dude right now. He likes Jean Michel Basquiat! Dude was my introduction to art, art that I could look at and understand, at least in my own 'non arty' kinda way. I saw this the other day, it made me smile (I'm crazy patriotic, anything to do with Naija that non Naija people dig, makes me so happy. It's some kinda silly validation, not that we need it but hey, positives are not so forthcoming when Naija is the topic.)

This is all I have to say for the mo! Listen to the post if you missed me or something. :-)

Be well.



Myne Whitman said...

I missed you and you blog. How you dey? And now I'm listening to your fear of relationships and commitment. I thought you had been cured of that? And aren't we all jealous, it shouldn't mean that much, especially when you care for someone. Anyway, all the best!

BTW, could you help? I'm launching my second book next week, and need some support. Please check my blog for details. Thanks!

L-VII said...

sure thing sis.