Johnny Mac, the last weekend.

The last week ended on a good note, despite Grandpa’s passing. My mother is surprisingly calm about it, she says dude died peacefully, I guess that makes all the difference considering how old he was. I am still a little bothered by certain things but my pain is once remove d and if moms says it’s okay, I gotta try to see it like that.

Now, I had a nice weekend, I intend to put up some pictures, it’s been a while… I made up with P! That is a wonderful thing, really. I do not know why I was so nervous, she and I are kindred spirits, we’ll be on the same wavelength for life that much I am sure of. She came over, we talked, filled in gaps and I just revelled in her presence, being able to just talk to someone without censoring myself in anyway was a lotta fun. I had forgotten just how much. I told her about TV, she has a bunch of advice for me, none of which I am gonna follow, not because it is bad advice but because I am hard headed. 

Prior to P coming over, I spent the earlier part of Friday evening with Kaya, (I might have mentioned her before, we went to Morocco together). She is the most chilled out person I know, nothing gets to her. We were out in Morocco, the chick got mad marriage proposals, by old, young, sexy, not so sexy men and she remained so unaffected by it. I was hoping we could parlay all the attention into some freebies but she wasn’t having it. We even ran into a very well endowed carpet salesman (how did I know he was well endowed, I hear you ask, well you have to have seen what he was wearing and how it hugged him in all the best places.) and he offered to have us over at his house so we could hang out in his pool, I was almost tempted, I swear. Anyway, Kaya is my home girl, we caught up, we hadn’t seen each other since the trip and she has not changed a bit, that’s perfectly fine with me.

On Saturday the boys showed up, it was a good time with them as it always is. I love my boys, they are so different yet I have just as much in common with each one. Mac and I like the same kinda, erm how does one put this, popular culture. We are both big hip-hop heads, and he keeps up to date with things I want to know. He is very much my chill out boy, we are very cool like that, and I love how when we talk, I can see the change in who he was when I met him and who he is now. He is definitely the coolest dude I know. Johnny is cerebral, he is feeds my brain, dude is incredibly prescient on all matters political. He is a writer, a thinker, a soon to be lover (of a deserving woman) and just a generally good brother. We also share love for the film, architecture and art, the ‘bourgie’ things, as my sister would say. They met TV, they were impressed….

Mac, Johnny.

My home girl Kaya

It was my favourite weekend for a while. My football team was hot, two come from behind wins! You can’t beat that.

I gotta dash. This was rather therapeutic.

Be good, peace.


BSNC said...

I like it when people saying bloging is therapeutic. Sory about your Granms. May his soul rest in peace.

How have you been babe. Its been a while and happy new year. i know its febuary lol

L-VII said...

Hello! I'm good, thank you, you? Happy nu year to you too. :-)