Tongue Kissing, Yay or Nay? (S.R. contd)

Okay, it turns out SR is stubborn. I usually like stubbon, it make me more determined to get my own way but his is a different case. He is the biggest tease in the entire universe. Of course he'll disagree but that does not change the fact! After driving me nuts about this whole 'no libido' thing, he came around, at least I think he did, I am not entirely sure. Let me give you all a sample of you textual conversation.

L: I want you to understand we won't fuck tomorrow but maybe Saturday?

SR: Saturday seems nice, if my libido returns before then that is

L: SR, forget you abeg. I don't like being toyed with. This whole libido thing is boring now, I am so bored of it.

SR: But it's not on purpose now. L, 'tell you what, you just show up that day, if we don't fuck good, if we do, even better.

I did not get back to him for a while because I was busy, then he writes...

SR: So, we doing this or what?

L: SR, you are toying with me and it is boring now. If I come to your place, it'll be for one thing only. I have friends babe, we don't need to hang out. If you are not down for that then let's draw a line under it, no harm, no foul.

SR: So maybe it's time you called me then? Lets talk this through

L: No, SR, I will not be blackmailed into calling you! I am looking for a guy that can do it ofuma ofuma. I thought we could do that but it seems you wanna play with me and I am too horny for mind games.

SR: Lmao. Nah babes, just call. Please?

L: No, I won't. When you make up your mind, let me know.

SR: Na wa o

L: Hmmn, I feel like I have pressurised you unduly. Give your libido some time to recover and if it ever does, we can resume our plans.

SR: It's the way you're going about it though. I wanna fuck, yes but I can gbadun your.... Fuck it! You know what? I'm fucking. Lemme know when. Don't wanna seem like I am catching feelings.

So, it seemed we back to the same page, then today? Lol!

(The above is all verbatim, no editing has been done)

Why is it the fact that I do not like tongue kissing bothers you? Is tongue kissing a necessary part of sex? If you like using your tongue so much, trust me, I can find certain spots on my body that'll appreciate it.

The thought of a tongue in mouth makes me sick, literally. I hate it, I love kissing though, I love being kissed by someone who will do it how I like it done. I am trying to give you clues so we both have a good time.

It appears this is a non negotiable point for you, as it is for me. So I guess that is it then. To think I picked out lingerie, whatta waste.

Oh! Nice Anon, you made a comment that I might like him, he read it and told me the same thing like 'oh I think you're falling for me' It is your fault o!

So I guess this chapter is closed.


Anyaposh said...

hahaha... that is hilarious. as in when the libido returns he'll give a shout? like fuck no. you're supposed to be horny just lying around in wait for his call? abeg babe buy yourself a good rabbit, ehn. It'll take off the pressure. But this thing fuck buddies?! LOL - someone is going to catch feelings. This thing don't work babe - it works in the interim; short-term but overtime? no, someone's bound to screw up the perfect arrangement.

Anyaposh said...

plus tongue-ing things out is so sexy!! especially with someone I'm madly attractive to; it's crazy hot!

Myne Whitman said...

I totally agree with AnyaP, and please don't close the chapter o, LOL...

leggy said...

who doesnt like tongue kissing?u or the guy?
friends with benefits?lol

Rene said...

he's just muhisn't fun oh! Which kind libido isn't around? He sould better write a letter to it.

I agree with Nice Anon but in sense that maybe he likes you

beautiful said...

hmmm...truly what if someone begins to catch feelings and if dat person is u? nyway, if e catch u so....let it strictly be Friends With Benefits for now...methinks o,den u run away fast! so dat u don't feel sometin....

Anonymous said...

Nice A: *sigh* I don tire!!!

L-VII said...

@ leggy, I don't like it.

@Anya, I have amazing self control. He is interesting but we're just skimming the surface.

LucidLilith said...

If you wannas skim the surface, take up surfing ...otherwise just put a paper bag over his childish head and just do him. Looool! If you don't like kissing then don't kiss him. Get ya itch scratched and move on, babe! He he he...

F said...

"If you like using your tongue so much, trust me, I can find certain spots on my body that'll appreciate it."

I was dead at that point. LMAO... It's all about broadening horizons, isn't it? Tongue doesn't always equal kissing... This would be an interesting compromise for y'all to reach.

Anyaposh said...

LOL>> I agree with 'F'. Tongues can be used for so many things so if he's keen on flexing that muscle, he can kiss me on those my lips below the belt. I'd like that a lot, thank you very much!