Start to Finish et al

I am happy! I do not know why but it is a rare day I get home from work and I am not completely drained. So, I had an interesting weekend, but you know there are some stories one cannot tell without speaking on things other people might not want you to speak about? Outta respect for the other party I won't speak on it. That makes me a kinda tease right? I do apologise for that. :-)

How sexy is honesty? I find it such a strong turn on, especially in men. I think a lot of women swear that they want it and then find that they'd rather be with the guy that spins tales about everything. I would rather be with the 'starving artist' type than a guy who flashes wads of cash about, there is something inherently dishonest about ostentatious displays of wealth. I do not mind bus hopping and watching pirate films, just keep it real with me, I can take it. This is by no means me suggesting that only poor or average men can be honest, this is just my experience. I was just thinking about this on Sunday. I like passion, I do not mean rip each other's clothes off kinda passion (though that'll be wonderful) I mean a passion for something or someone. I like listening to people talk about their passions, watching their expressions, I find that rather moving

So, I think I mentioned that I bought some audio books? The crazy thing is how disappointed I am with one of them. 'Half of a yellow sun' by C.N. Adichie is one of my favourite books. I bought the audio thinking I could enjoying it while reviewing some work. To my dismay, the lady doing the reading makes Nigerians sound like deaf Kenyans! What is it about the West and how they think of Africans, I mean I know that different Nigerians have disparate accents depending on where they come from, but she was so far off. I wrote the website a letter, I figured I'd alert them to their gross error, no use in just complaining about it right? I could not listen to the whole thing, the accent just threw me. Things like that are disrespectful as far as I am concerned.

I have had this song on repeat for the past hour, I do that sometimes. It's called 'Love Nwantinti' by H-Man. (he happens to be one of my favourite Naija artists. 'Ndoli Ndoli pt.2 and 'Uwadiwe' are great songs that you should all check out)

I liked how H-Man looked like a 'nerd in love' he is rather adorable especially that little speech impediment he has.

I am off to watch 'Big Love' now.



leggy said... you are leaving us hanging about your weekend huh?thats the koko of this post eh?

L-VII said...

Leaving you hanging ke? I wish I could tell it but it is not just mine it is also someone else's story and I have been instructed not to tell it. I am sorry. :-(

Myne Whitman said...

So after leading us a merry trip, you and SR, want to go private now eh?

L-VII said...

@Myne, I have no idea what you are talking about. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just had an AHA!/ lightbulb moment..Is it just me or is SR=SK-1...hmmmmm...I ponder? did it finally happen?

TayneMent said...

No more Saccharine Royalty stories?:(

I have been here searching for links to watch Big Love and I can't find any. I should just go sleep.

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

LMAO@makes Nigerians sound like deaf Kenyans

blogoratti said... you doing. Been a while!

LovePaprika said...

Hey spill! And er...bout poor guys... I get what u mean but smtimes I fink... 'What if'