Randoms and Saccharine Royalty contd..

I am very happy right now, certain are starting to fall in to place. So, here I am here cheesing like I won something. Last night, I could not sleep, long Friday, so I decided to record an audio blog. I did not have the time to re record it, so I sound rather halting, I apologise. Also, I was rather tired. I am off to watch 'Avatar' with my brother.


Nice Anon said...

Hiaaaa! L VII first of all this your voice na bedroom voice oo! Then second you saw a picture of the thing? Dang! Who the hell is this Saccharine dude sef? Una don dey complicate things already with the whole back and forth. Get to the main business already!!! Even me that has been following this whole thing don dey tire small sef.

PS: there was no other randoms but about the Saccharine Highness. he heeee. it sounds like you have a crush on the guy already O!

Sugarking said...

lol. I really loved this!! hell, I almost came listening to your voice sef! but like Nice Anon said, this una thing don dey too long o! perhaps its why people are starting to lose their libidos. And Isn't that what "keeping it textual" was supposed to prevent in the first place??? Damn! I love this!

kay9 said...

Seriously, L8, seduce this dude somehow and wire him already! Ahh-ahn! This is becoming a long thing.

see, i get the "cool, down-to-earth, girl who's-letting-things-work-themselves-out" angle, but one thing i've learnt about relationships is that they get cold if you don't breathe life into them. And tell His Highness to just je-je can that libido talk!

(btw, you have a very seductive voice... mmmh)

L-VII said...

@Nice Anon: Lol @ 'bedroom voice' really? Yes, I saw a picture of 'the thing' it is quite impressive.

@SK: I am aim to please, lol. Like I said, I want to make it happen exactly how I envisioned it, but I am not sure dude is on the same page I'm on, you dig? I think he just wants to get to it as soon as possible.

@K9: L8 ke? Lol. I know it seems long but I am optimistic about it being a worthwhile experience, I am a patient chic.

I will write up on it as soon as possible.


kay9 said...

:) Umm, i forgot to add i neva got the hang of all those roman numerals... no worry, "L" its gonna be from now on.

Just curious tho, whatsit with the shotgun?

L-VII said...

@K9: Nothing, I harbour this inexplicable desire for Pam Grier. Also, the picture is from the so called 'blaxploitation' film era.
The gun represents power, it is being held by a being that is unabashedly female and feminine. I like the juxtapositions but most importantly, I like Pam Grier.