Your Saccharine Highness.

Hello all.

It has been a while, the hiatus was necessary as I had some things to take care of. I hope all is well with everyone. I have three things to get off my chest today. (1) The Saccharine Royal (2) Break-ups and (3) Nigeria. In that order exactly. I have so busy with work, goodness, Christmas was boring, the day after I went to my boy Johnny's place, it was his birthday, myself and Mac got silly drunk, see, I do not do hard liquor but I went too far and my head paid for it the next day. I met Johnny's girl friend and I really like her. May I just say how much of a relief it is to actually like my friend's GF? She is intelligent, friendly and good for him, she also strikes me as someone who would not put up with his bullshit and that is all right with me. .. Okay topic one.

Saccharine Royalty

This is about a certain person in the blogosphere, will please accept my apology. My Blackberry developed a fault and the number you have has been on voicemail and since we're not trying to get all personal, I decided not to email you. I have sent the phone in for repairs, in the mean time keep your nails short and your jogging bottoms clean, you may just be richly rewarded for it... I ran into an ex of mine, I told him what I had planned with you, he dared me to do it, if I do and I tell my ex, would that make a some kinda weirdo? Would you feel used?


I am currently heart broken! My Co-D is not talking to me. I never thought I could miss someone that I am not romantically involved with as much as I miss her. I am of little doubt that we'll talk again but that fact is immaterial right now, someone please knock some sense in to this girl's head. I know she loves me, I know she misses me, but I also know that she won't call me! This is one of the rare situations where I have to put my foot down and not call, I will readily admit that I am stubborn, but this situation is not about that, it is about respect and trust. I am tired of having to prove that I care, it is very taxing on my system.


I love this country, yes, I had to move abroad in order to realise that but I do love this country. I am really scared for it right now, it seems we are hurtling towards some major crises. I do not want the country to break up nor do I want any kind of political unrest but I guess the latter might be necessary, the former gives me nightmares that keep me awake for hours on end. I need to put my money where my mouth is and move home, we need to start that political action group, ASAP!


Sugarking said...

The Saccharine Royalty
I'm sure that certain Blogosphere person understands. But what do mean by "since we are not planning to get all personal??", because if its what I'm thinking that u guys plan to do, there's nothing more personal than that.

Ah, u true true talk am say ur bisexual!

I love my country too babes. I feel u on this one 100%

L-VII said...

SK, well, we are planning to get physically personal but it's not gonna be no take away kinda situation. It's a dine in and that is. If the food's good, I might visit the restaurant again, get it?

Don't worry about my! My Co-d in this instance is my best friend! Nothing sexual AT ALL about that relationship, getcha mind out the gutter!!!!

leggy said...

lol...well i hope the first ish works out.
secondly, i love my country too and im moving back once i get out of college.

Nice Anon said...

Intersting!!! Happy New Year!

Myne Whitman said...

Some small small codes going on here? As for naija, talks of military action or civil unrests have been rising, I dey fear for country of my heart oo...

As for your Co-D, please call?

My World said...

Welcome back from your hiatus....lovely post!

cerberus said...

hope you're here to stay this time guapa...

Happy new year.

Anya P said...

I hear ya gurl. As for Naija, anything that is supposed to happen should happen fast. We've wasted too much time making a mess of things in that country; it's time for a serious clean-up - Manual Labour!

I'm curious about this Saccharine encounter you're planning. Do leave updates so I can check up on the outcome :)