Gulliver - via the red dot (audio post)


It's been a while, the keys on laptop are playing up. So, I decided to make an audio thing. I have missed you all....

I am listening to 'Vanilla Latte' by Katie Reider, it's really good, so check it out.

P.s. this was made before the final and you all know what happened there, I am not upset though, the best team won.

Be good,


Gulliver - via the red dot from 'Fro-VII on Vimeo.


BSNC said...

awww sory about that barcelona won :(

happy birthday to your sister. 21 thats a cute age.

wow i loved dawson creek too. I followed that show like forever. Yay thanks i missed you guyz too. lol yea for someone you don't know.

naija shawty said...

cuba sounds fun! its good to break out. ohh dawson's creek. i had it on my free satellite in naija. very interesting. did i feed ur ego????
lmao at ur type of missing BSNC.

scribble, said...

nice, your voice is like the perfect blend of cocoa and cream, smooth. lol (i really just said that..corny)

but yea, sorry about the final. I personally just wanted it to be over

wellsbaba said...

yeah u r right...d beta team won aii....cuba,dats some place

Nice Anon said...

Let's not talk about the game please!
Happy birthday in advance! I love traveling as well. I just need to make money first and then travel all over.

Tairebabs said...

I love Alanis Morisette!! loved her since like forever (ok not forever but more than 10 years now). Fell in love with her after listening to "Ironic". Can't get enough of her even though I agree she sounds agree in most of her songs. Happy birthday in advance.

L-VII said...

@All, thanks you for your responses, it is appreciated.


Fashinga said...

Hmmmm.. a couple of things to be said..

You've got a lovely voice with a slight british accent.. vey smooth, and incredibly soothing...Nice.. you should think about using your voice to make a relaxation cd..will definitely work..

Yeah yeah Barcelona won...They should shut up already..Man utd is still the greatest..

About travelling, Boy!! am i envious of you..Wish i could just pack my bags, hop on a plane and travel the world..Unfortunately i can't but that's nice that you can though...Its needed once in a while.

When you say 'the boys' i wonder who you're reffering to..Oh well...

Later Luv!!!

L-VII said...

@Fashinga, my voice has been something I hated until this year, so I am always glad to hear that it is not as bad as I thought.

The boys are two of my closest friends, Emac and Johnny.


LovePaprika said...

yay I fed your ego... ur accent different. lucky u! you are travelling!!!

Sugabelly said...

Your voice makes me want to be handcuffed to a bed naked and do bad things with chocolate.

Nice Anon said...

Sugabelly: Hmmmm someone is having naughty thoughts.