Origami days,

Life is great now, the job is cool, I did not know that I had so much patience. I am currently nursing a crush that I know will go nowhere, dude is one of those brothers who only seem to like Caucasian women, so what's a sister to do? I cannot stop my heart from beating triple time when he moves and I can see the clear definition of muscles in his back, lol. I am gonna work on him, at least I'll try. I am not one for nursing silly crushes but there is something very interesting about him.

One of the kids made an origami rose today, it made me so happy, it said 'to Ms, thanks for helping me' (I will put up a picture later) these are the tangential things that make my days worthwhile.

I am in the middle of concluding my trilogy, so I'll post it up at some point this week. I cannot believe how much I missed the blogosphere, I do hope you guys are all good.

I am currently listening to 'Connected' by Foreign Exchange, they are great, there's a second album but the first is much better.

Stay blessed all.



Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

I'm so glad your happy L-VII. I did a post and video one ...saying do what you do best ..I think that was the title have a look at it. It's not me, well I'm sure you'll gather that.lol

Rose said...

Stay Blessed...You too...Glad you are enjoying your Job...Was just wondering  if you were alright...But Now i have an answer...Lol...Hmmmnnn...A crush??..Sounds interesting...Lol...Give us the juicy details when you can...Stay Well...Cheers..

scribble,me.free said...

if someone can turn him, its you..hehe..kids can be so cool sometimes

juiceegal said...

Awwwwww dats so sweet.d kid writin that 2 u...little things like that mean so much more.Glad ur enjoyin ur job.


can't wait to see the rose, so sweet.

Take care!

cerberus said...

The art of seduction comes in many forms. Put yours to work guapa The results may amaze you.

Lemme Digress
I love your picture.
I wish i took it. Gonna Try and do something like it.

MY of the Cerberus

bob-ij said...

Aww @ the crush.. Good luck!


TheGlamorousEccentric said...

I was never very good at orogami, a rose sounds very ambitious...good job to your kids!

seye said...

I can't wait for the origami rose. Put it up! Put it up! Put it up! Put it up!Put it up! Put it up! Put it up! Put it up!Put it up! Put it up! Put it up! Put it up!Put it up! Put it up! Put it up! Put it up!

ManCee said...

What do they call those thingys again?
'Baby crush", 'puppy-love'?, whatever...wish you well on that.
Paper rose?
Just thinking...if it were a grown guy, we'd say he was cheap. But a kid, "how cute".
Chei! What wont I give for the bliss of childhood. You see the world thru rose colored eyes and it sees you thru same.