I used to be a little African girl,
happy, confused and without a sweet tooth
Now, I am a grown Londoner, African still
but I was yanked into womanhood
by tobacco smoke
men who wanted to be freaked
and women who thought they were unique
Red light districts that prompted
'whys' and 'maybe(s)'
I grew to the sound of cries
ephemeral joy, a fodness for mechanical toys
and curiosity about non tow headed boys
Sprouted to drums of Fela

I grew to soon.


Omo calabar. said...

Abi o...we all grew too soon.

L-VII said...

Lol, indeed.

AnyaPosh said...

Oh, I like it a lot! And that picture is so nostalgic. It could've been me.

L-VII said...

Thank you.

Lollie said...

I love that so much.. I'm pretty sure it captures a lot people's experience as well.

You're tri-lingual... Impressive! My kids in addtion to being fluent in Yoruba and English, are totally getting a spanish and french Nanny.. Why stop at quadrilingual? Please, add italian to that mix. lol