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This credit crunch thing has really done a sista in! So, I am here thinking about a line from one of the most ubiqutous songs of the the noughties, 'if nothing lasts forever, what makes me love the exception?'.... This is not a question that I have ever tried to answer to but I think the question can be broken down, there are certain types of love that will and can last forever, I do not see how anyone/thing can rid me of the fierce love I have for my family, I guess that is love we all take or granted because it is assumed and we rarely have to work at it. I take it for granted that my siblings and my parents love me, I do not work at cultivating that love, it does not require me to put my best foot forward, it is a love that is complete. I feel it from time to time when my sisters go out their way for me, then my heart skips several beats and I remember that I am loved. That love I know, will be for the duration of our forevers, when it is we meet our maker, that love will be as strong as it is now.

Now back to the song, I am going to assume that dude was talking about romantic love, the kinda love that you feel in your fingers and toes ( yes, at the risk of sounding cliched, my left hand does get momentarily paralyzed when I see certain displays of romantic love, so, sue me!) I do not know if that love lasts forever, I have never been 'in-love', I have been in strong 'like' but never a head-over-heels kinda deal, nope! What I have seen and heard allows me to believe that love is some shape shifting emotion that does not remain the same for long. The initial rush of discovering something so precious,
the I want you by my side all the time or the we can't wait till the bedroom rush wears off. What is one left with? Two people who continue to grow, change ( for better or worse) so it is only right that the love does the same. I have seen people who could finish each others' sentences turn around and loathe each other and that always leaves me with questions, did this person change into some sorta ogre or did the 'love' run it course?

I am a romantic cycnic (the biggest oxymoron one can imagine), aside from the involuntary reaction my left hand suffers from, I have little time for all the mush, you know, flowers, chocolates and the like. So I feel that I am going to err on the side of those who believe that love is a transient emotion, I think one should enjoy it while it lasts and once it is finished, that is that.

When I express this view, my mother is shocked
'you are playing with loneliness' but that is a worry that does not cross my mind right now. I have seen many people suffer under the yoke of fear of being alone and like my friend says 'that one will not be my own portion o'. My plan in life is to know as many people as possible, travel different continents, I intend to open my mind and heart to the complexities of human emotions and maybe then my opinion on the matter will change but we'll see.

What do you all think?


BSNC said...

i know its kind of late, but welcome to bogville. nice post

L-VII said...

Thank you.

doll said...

relationship cynic..wy?

L-VII said...

Well Doll, I found that the men that I have met have either (a) not been honest about wanting a casual acquaintance or (b)they have not been able to challenge me. Perhaps it's something I have to look into myself, I do not know.


Love waxes and wanes, but respect and commitment are the key, in my opinion. People over-romanticize relationships and get hung up on what 'love' should look like, when in reality, love is whatever it is to you and your mate.

Love has always been secondary to respect for me, and thankfully, I respect and love my partner. That is all that matters and as long as we continue to work at our relationship and the issues of import to us, I believe we will be okay. Even if the love wanes, =)

Nice post. Welcome to blogsville BTW.

Ms. Catwalq said...

The fear if being alone...one of the most horrible feelings that exist. The next thing you know,you are caught up in a situation where you are more alone than you could ever have feared.

Alexander said...

we as sheep have erred in choosing what is a right.a sheep knows a green grass,and feeds from it.but we as sheeps sometimes accept the dried brownish grass as food,but that does not change the fact that we know the taste and color of a green grass,we were just to busy with our idea and too lazy to walk towards it.Love is real,if you can love your brothers and sisters and recognise it as love.I'll suggest that until you find such a love in a man/woman never give in..the search is not as far as you think....love is real.Alexander N(roxandersus@gmail.com)