This one time....

So, it's been a minute. That the unofficial opening sentence of any post I put up. I guess I outghta realise, I do this when the spirit moves me, like now.

I finally moved into my new place. The landlord agreed to take a little off the asking price, dude even left his internet on. I have been here two weeks now, it does not feel like home yet, I guess that'll come after a while. I miss my siblings.

I am really rather tempted to write about TV but I do not wanna be infected by that crazy impulse. The type that seems to drive us to tell our inner most thoughts and feeling to a wall. I have resolved to not write anything on here that I cannot say to TV in person. I feel somewhat exposed, guess if my blog was not known to TV, then I might have but as it is now, I cannot let the internet be the means through which we communicate feelings, be they anger or something close to something else....

What really inspired this post is sadness, a low humming kinda sadness. A feeling that can be provoked by memories that sneak up, especially after a fleeting glance at something you once shared with someone special.

I had a friend once that I loved so much, so very much. She and I grew apart, we'll never be as close we once were. This sounds like some mushy romantic thing, I guess it is, a friendship as intense as that which we shared cannot sound like anything else. Anyways, I was walking in the snow today, just keen as hell to get home and I passed a car playing a song and in that crazy moment, I wondered why she popped into my head.... Then I realised. It's not the first time, I had forgotten before but this year it feels final, like I won't get another chance to feel so bad about forgetting ever again. And if I hadn't, what would it have been worth for me to call and say happy birthday? We have not spoken in a while. Some friendships need to be nurtured, other can be paused and resumed when all interested parties meet again. I feel ours is the former. So, there it is. I am super sad right now. I dunno if you still read my blog P, if you do, it was real, always and since we can't really talk these days, I want you to know that that..... ah, erm, I'll tell you.

I am keen to discover new blogs, so please recommend.

I am a gadget head, as anyone who reads this blog knows, I am wondering if I should get these Dr. Dre headphones. I am pretty small, 5'3' to be exact and I reckon I'd look pretty silly to have those big ass headphones on my head, what do you think?

I don't like Kanye West's new joint. I thought I would but dude's rap talent is very close to nil. I dunno, it's just a bunch of hype. I especially loathe this track called 'blame game' that is just some misogynistic rubbish.

I forget birthdays, it's my mother's today and my pops had to call to remind me. She was just happy I called. I know, it'll cost me nothing to remember, but I hope those who love me will not judge me because of it ... lol! To TV, you have been warned in advance, yup.

Be good, Peace.

My song of the day, 'Kwanele' by Thandiswa.


Beautiful said...

lol...I forget birthdays too.
as for ur friend...u'll be fine.