This short.

This is a just a quick post, I came across this short the other day, it's called 'Place des Fetes' and it left me breathless for many reasons, chief among them being Aissa Maiga. If you have time, watch it and tell me what you think. It's about five minutes or so. I think I am turning into some sorta Francophile, hmmn.


Lolia said...

Lol @ 'francophile'

Interesting stuff though..

How have you been?



nice. this has piqued my interest. Off to learn some more.

Hope all is well.

joicee said...

wow, interesting

looks like he died..or..

p.s Aissa Maiga is a gorgeous woman

griotsteps said...

Hey that was beautiful and tragic
so real! Thank You
Peace Mshindani